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Episode 30: Pride & Prejudice properties fictional and filming with @janewashere

February 26, 2023 Episode 30
Episode 30: Pride & Prejudice properties fictional and filming with @janewashere
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What the Austen? Podcast
Episode 30: Pride & Prejudice properties fictional and filming with @janewashere
Feb 26, 2023 Episode 30

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Which Pride and Prejudice property would you live in?

Companion blog (Pictures of the locations): https://www.whattheausten.com/post/pride-prejudice-filming-locations

I am joined by the author Nicole Jacobsen and the illustrator Lexi. K. Nelson of the wonderful travel guide Jane was Here as we have a blast talking about our UK travels, how Austen describes the houses in Pride and Prejudice and if the screen writers got it right? 

Inspired by the channel 4 program in which Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house-hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location, but of course for my podcast it has a Jane Austen spin to it.

Where can you find Nicole and Lexi?
Buy Jane Was Here: An Illustrated Guide to Jane Austen's England by Nicole Jacobsen, Devynn Dayton, et al.
Lexi's art website: https://lexiknilson.com/ 
Instagram: @janewashere

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Which Pride and Prejudice property would you live in?

Companion blog (Pictures of the locations): https://www.whattheausten.com/post/pride-prejudice-filming-locations

I am joined by the author Nicole Jacobsen and the illustrator Lexi. K. Nelson of the wonderful travel guide Jane was Here as we have a blast talking about our UK travels, how Austen describes the houses in Pride and Prejudice and if the screen writers got it right? 

Inspired by the channel 4 program in which Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house-hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location, but of course for my podcast it has a Jane Austen spin to it.

Where can you find Nicole and Lexi?
Buy Jane Was Here: An Illustrated Guide to Jane Austen's England by Nicole Jacobsen, Devynn Dayton, et al.
Lexi's art website: https://lexiknilson.com/ 
Instagram: @janewashere

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Where can you find your host (Izzy)?
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Personal Instagram: @izzy_meakin
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Izzy Meakin  00:19

Hi Janeites and welcome to episode 30 of the What the Austen? Podcast. I'm calling this episode Location, Location Location, which Pride and Prejudice property would you live in. Inspired by the channel full programme with Christie Alsop and Phil Spencer, where they help House Hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location. But of course for my podcast this has a Jane Austen spin on it. So today I am joined by the author Nicole Jacobson and the illustrator Lexi Kay Nelson of the wonderful travel guide Jane was here. So welcome. I am so pleased to have you on today. Hello. This really I was so excited. This was like one of the episodes that I had in my mind's eye. And so when you guys said yesterday, I was like, it's going to happen, it's going to be a reality. It's not just going to be in my head.


Lexi 01:06

We're so excited. This is so much fun.


Nicole 01:09



Izzy Meakin  01:10

So one of the questions that I ask all of my guests who come on the podcast is what got you into Austin. Originally,


Nicole  01:16

I was originally introduced to Jane Austen by my mother, when she I am the oldest of five children. And when she was pregnant with one of my siblings, she just kind of had an addiction to Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 series and we watched it over and over again. And so that was my introduction to Jane Austen when I was probably, I don't know, seven years old or something. And then when I got a little older, I was like, I have to read that book. So I read Pride and Prejudice, and then Simpson sensibility. And then in the production of this guide, I was able to dive in deeper and read all of Jane Austen's works and get to know her life better.


Izzy Meakin  02:01

Amazing. I love that. That's very similar to to how I got into Austin as well. So I love that. Lexi, how about you?


Lexi  02:09

Yeah, so it's funny because I didn't get into Jane Austen until a little later. I was kind of a tomboy when I was younger and was like, you know, people were like Pride Prejudice, like, romance, whatever. And then, when I got into high school, um, we read it in my English class. And I was like, Wait, this is fabulous. Like, this is like I loved playing. I was like a tomboy. But I also loved playing dress up and pretend. And I was like, Wait, this actually could be a great thing. And so I then I watched the 2005 version with a friend and I was hooked. So I actually didn't see the 1995 version until, until we were prepping for this book, which is so funny, because I was like, obsessed with Jane Austen. But like, I obviously got actually obsessed when we started writing the book, and I realised how amazing Jane Austen is, and wasn't just limited to the 2005 version. So it's so funny because I got in with the book and then the 2005


Izzy Meakin  03:08

movie, I love that you do a hey, very often that people start with the book. And then they go into usually Cypher, they've seen the 2005 109 to 95. And then they progressed from there. So that's so cool that you read the book first, and then you were drawn into the world.



Yeah, I think my high school English teacher for that, because I don't think I would have done it. Otherwise.


Izzy Meakin  03:28

These are the people who got a funk in life, mothers and English.



Exactly, exactly.


Izzy Meakin  03:36

Absolutely. So I would love to hear a little bit about how the book came to be. So you know what your inspiration was how you actually managed to do it, because obviously, this is a travel guide, exploring different locations in England, which are either we used as the filming locations, or just destinations where Jane Austen lived or spent time etc. So yeah, just just tell me a little bit about how the book came to be.



Yeah, we love talking about this all started off in Nicole, you can jump in with details. But we were Nicole and I went to the same university. And it was like, just before it was my senior year, like the beginning of my senior year, I was in the illustration programme. And I had a teacher and she was really good at just being like, opportunities, you know, like apply for opportunities. And there was this grant that was an interdisciplinary grants, where you could propose a project and like, some of the requirements were that it had to involve other students from other majors. So it was kind of like trying to get people to work together and get experience doing that before entering like the real world kind of thing. So my teacher was like, free money, you know, like, apply for this. So I with a couple other illustration students were like thinking like, what, what could we do? And I was like, Well, I love I love travelling and I love Jane Austen. I've always like I've always loved England, like I've just had this like, I gotta go to you Good, you know, and so we kind of came up with like, oh, maybe maybe like a Jane Austen travel guide. And I was really into this concept of making a travel guide that emphasises, like, what travel means to me, especially as an artist where like I, you know, when I'm travelling, I love to go and just like sit and experience and like, take note and have, you know, like, the colours around me or like what we're coming the shadows are, what am I smelling or like what I'm experiencing, and I was. So it kind of developed from this idea that that would be a fun travel guide experience. So like, make a travel guide, but also have it be something where if you couldn't go on the trip, you could still kind of experience that travel guide experience, like from your couch. And so that was kind of the inspiration for Jameis here was to go on this trip and experience it for ourselves and make it informational, but also just something that you could just kind of soak into. So at that point, I came up with that idea. And we tried once and we found Nicole, I emailed the English department about who would be a good writer for the book and Nicola suggested, so she was kind of, we were like, randomly matched. Um, and that was amazing. And then Devin was my college roommate, who actually we watched Pride and Prejudice together all the time. So she was like, Yeah, I met and she did advertising and marketing. So that's how it happened. So three of us from different majors got together, and we wrote this grant and ended up getting this grant. So we, it we got our trip paid for to go and write and take notes and research. And we were there for two weeks and did what was in the book, like the itinerary that's in the book. And then we came back and wrote a sample chapter and sent it out to publishers and ended up getting published. So that is the story of Jane was here. From my perspective. Nicole, is there anything that you would like to add?



Well, I'm just so glad that that email worked out. But I feel like yeah, just the process was a lot of like, the few months before we went on the trip was just planning, like, where are the essential places to go? Watching all the adaptations and taking note of like, okay, where's this place? Can we go there. And it was really exciting in the process, just to kind of discover all of these beautiful homes in England, and then also some of the beautiful landscapes that feature there, too.



Yeah, and I just want to add to it's so funny, because I explained before, I was kind of like a late austenite and janeites. And, you know, I was like I love Pride and Prejudice. And so it wasn't until prepping for this book that I read all the books, watched all the movies, and then I was like, I'm being there as like a fresh Jane. I was like, honestly a dream. I felt like for two weeks, I was just like walking around in like this haze of just like so it was amazing. And I'm so grateful for Nicole for like being having the research background to be able to like, make it the amazing trip that it was.


Izzy Meakin  08:13

I love that. That's absolutely amazing. Honestly, I'm kind of mind blowing. In, I do something that really stuck out to me, as you said you wanted it to be kind of be on the travel guide. It's not just for people who are actually going to these locations, but also a book that people can enjoy at home. Because Nicole probably knows this. I totally I take this book everywhere. I'm taking. I'm taking Bookstagram photos of this all the time. And I just love it. This is an absolutely stunning travel guide. And yeah, if you follow me on Instagram, you know, I use this all the time. Constantly. No, I



love it. So great. Thank


Izzy Meakin  08:54

goodness. So the idea for today's episode is we're going to chat about particularly the locations in Pride and Prejudice. And we're going to talk about how they're described in the book. The locations use then in 1995 version and also the locations using the 2005 film. And yeah, we're gonna chat about it about what these places are like because we visited some of them, others we haven't visited but we can still chat about and then decide which which locations we would personally like to live in. So okay then so the first location I have on the list is long bonds. So obviously this is the benefits family home. So from the book perspective, there isn't much said about long been there's not really like a detailed description about this location other than the fact that Mr. Bennett's property consisted almost entirely of an estate of 2000 a year. And also the village of longboard was only one mile from Marin which is obviously a bigger town. So not much to go off but when you look at it in perspective of Mr. Bingley's income of 5000 a year you can kind of see maybe it would be you know About half of that house is what they will be living in. So that's kind of the feel that I get from the book. But it isn't in just like there isn't a massive description of it. Do you find that as well with the book that it's not really one that's described in detail?



Yeah, definitely. So I think that by virtue of that, you end up relying a lot on how people have decided to portray it. And they're very different than 1995 and 2005. versions.


Izzy Meakin  10:26

Yes. So the 1995 version was, is it called looking to in court, is that right? Yeah, that



sounds I think so.


Izzy Meakin  10:36

Yeah, so looking at in court was used for the 1995 version. And this is in wheelchair in real life. So this this thing was actually on the market not so long ago for an impressive 6 million. So it could have been bought by JNI. But I don't know if it was. So this is like a beautiful house. It's kind of like a soft, light, stone colour. But in the TV programme, it looks more yellow. What do you guys think of this property and how it's displayed in the 1995 version?



Yeah, I remember it being yellow as well. I think it is, like it shows that they had, you know, taste and they had money, but not a lot, especially when you start comparing it, but it was like a I'm trying to picture in my mind. But it was like a more like, not this rustic version that's shown kind of in the 2005 version, right. They had they had some standing if not, like great standing.


Izzy Meakin  11:33

Yeah, I agree. It's kind of an appropriate size. I would say for the benefits given the your landed gentry, like we're not living in squalor. You know, they should have a pretty decent home. And I think this one is? Well, I would say it's kind of like half of never filled in a sentence. So I think that kind of works out. Alexei, what do you think of this one?



Yeah, I'd also agree the group the Groombridge place one, obviously, which is the one that I like is my longboard, because that's, that's my movie. I think that I am a little bit. This is not the question you're asking. But I, I feel like this one probably is more accurate to what the Bennett's would have lived in. However, I just think that it's interesting. Nicole was talking about portrayal. And I don't know that it portrays exactly what I think Lizzie would come from, which is kind of interesting. Like, I'm just I'm just realising that now where I'm like, oh, that doesn't feel like long boring to me. So that's, that's interesting that to think about it in terms of is it half of another field? And like, what would that money actually get you at that time? So just to note that I'm making for myself, I guess.


Izzy Meakin  12:43

Nobody love that. So it's like in terms of actual finances, it seems really suitable, like as what's described in the book, but in terms of personalities of the characters, does it fit their personalities?



Great. And I don't think so.



I'm trying to follow exactly what you're saying like series saying that looking to import doesn't reflect the personality or Groombridge place doesn't



lucky to import, doesn't it?



Okay. I don't know. I think it's, it's the portrayal of the character as well in those different films is pretty different.



That's so Yes. Yep.



So I don't think that Keira Knightley is Lizzie matches Lexington Court. But I do think that Jennifer,



see, and this is this is why we have a conversation about it. Because I'm clearly very partial to Groombridge in this this conversation.


Izzy Meakin  13:38

Though, let's talk about Greenbridge Park. So Greenbridge Park was the one use for the 2005 film. This is located in Cannes. And it's basically an adventure park. Right. But you can't go into the house. You can just see the house.



Yeah, it's very extensive property that includes like this treetop walk and there's a birds of prey show and there's all these gardens and zoo like a mini zoo almost. And a little river that you can take a boat down



also like a Sherlock Holmes place, which is kind of interesting. Oh yeah.



Arthur Conan Doyle has a connection to the house as well. Yeah. So you can go to the front of the house and look at it and you can look at it from the side and all of that, but you can't go inside I think only for like very special events or something. And so you get more of a sense of this, like large property which doesn't quite match either. Like that's I mean, that's not what they portray in the they don't use all of that right. They're just using the garden garden next to it. But it's interesting how that that movie opens with, like the animals and all of that that's not how I picture the Bennett's life to be like more rural like rustic kind of like yeah, and they do show some of their servants as well. So I think that that shows that there's you know, it's not like they're destitute. Oh, Um, but I do think that, yeah, because you can't get inside the house, you're going on off of the outside. And I think that there is a lot more landscape shown in that 2005 film. So, I mean, there's some parallel there as well that we're seeing more of the outside and more of that.


Izzy Meakin  15:17

So really interesting with the inside as well, I found out that actually, it was empty when they went to film it. So the film crew actually decorated the inside, which I think is really interesting when you think about that, that they went for that wear and tear kind of style.



Absolutely, yeah, I didn't know that. That's really fascinating. I was definitely when I watched it in high school and just not knowing the background behind the gentry, or like the just kind of like being new to this concept of society in the regency era. I was always confused, because I was like, Oh, are they rich? Or are they not rich? Because Because watching the 2005 version you're like, I mean, that's a pretty house. But also there's like a pig walking through the house. Like, you know what I mean? Like, I was like, I'm so confused. And also they're like ordering dinner. So it was really interesting. It's really interesting, like just watching if you don't know, the nuances, I guess of like, how the class system worked and kind of what money could get you at that time. So yeah, that's that is a confusing thing to me about Groombridge place when you like, assess it. Yeah, no, definitely. I


Izzy Meakin  16:23

think maybe they didn't know. They were like, we're not quite sure where to place them. So we're gonna make it obvious that they're poor. They're like England. Ghastly. And I guess that turned into like, pigs running through the house. Yes.



Message received,



I think it's also to show the contrast, like it wasn't a small house, but then it seems like it's gone into a bit of disarray. I think that matches more with some other stories like Mansfield Park and all of that. But I think that's an interesting concept as well, that it wasn't like the house itself wasn't flawed in any way. It was just the


Izzy Meakin  16:58

take care of it. Yeah, it Yeah, kind of like denotes a little bit of chaos, which I think, again, is a I like that in terms of adaptation, and like the way that they portray the benefits, because that's kind of their chaotic family, like they're all over the place. And so I think that visually, like very much tells that story. Well for me. Yeah, definitely. And I think also like they they are struggling financially a little bit by the time that the novel starts because there is no sun. It's all women in this house, apart from Mr. Banner. And I think that that kind of connotes that they haven't been great with finances. And so they are in a bit of a dodgy situation, which I think the 2005 one tries to show with the fact that there was a bit of wear and tear inside the house. Like it's not exactly up to scratch. But in comparison with the 9095 one, you know, I love the gardens in the 1995. One, you mean when they're picking flowers? And when she helped with the argument with Lady Catherine? For me, I'm just like, that looks so pretty there.



Yeah, definitely. I think that that's missing.


Izzy Meakin  18:05

Yeah, it's so much in the teeth. There's six inches of it. Yes, there's a lot of med. But I do love the idea of Mr. Bennett study in the 2005 one. So it is definitely like, there's bits that I like in both, but for me, I think the 9095 one is more like the book, what I would what I envisioned when I read the book, if that makes sense. I agree.



Absolutely. Yeah, I have to agree with you. And like putting my what I'm familiar with in terms of Jane Austen aside as as in that being 2005 Like if you really step back and just like look at the wording and the quotes from the book and then like look at Lexington Court. It's like yeah, that I think is much more accurate representation. Sure. We also have the bias of the fact that we were able to visit Groombridge place and not looking to in court so you can kind of like structure it all in your mind a little bit better. But


Izzy Meakin  18:59

that is so true. I really wish a J NightBot looking I wish I had the money to buy it and make it and like an Austin lungs can you imagine?



Yeah, I I would have contributed to that GoFundMe


Izzy Meakin  19:14

regrets regrets like she would have done amazing then so they're definitely contestants for all of us that we may pick that is our favourite location. But moving on to the next one in the book. We have never failed parks so we're kind of going up in society a little bit now with Mr. Bingley's estate so in the book again there's not much house description but Mrs. Bennett slots on never field are you have a sweet room here Mr. Bingley and a charming prospect over the gravel walk. I do not know a place in the country that is equal to never field. So obviously, you know, it's pretty impressive. I don't know how troubled Mrs. Bennett is but she thinks it's impressive. So that's something for sure. And I'll We see you're expecting it's it's at least you know this has got to be quite a nice day because Mr. Bingley's got a decent income and also he's he's, you know, good friends of Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy stays with them. And is this is really snobby and she seems pretty happy there so you know you think it's going to be pretty nice locations. So for the 9095 one they used for the exterior was edge courthouse, which is a private property guys, please don't go stalking these people. But it's kind of in the Banbury area close to Oxford. And a really interesting facts about this place. So the actual location itself may be a state, not the house used to belong to and of Cleves who was like the fourth wife of Henry eighth. So just interesting history there. And then the property was later rebuilt, which is what you see in the 1995 version. And basically, yeah, everything was filmed there apart from the ball scene that was filmed somebody somewhere else. So yeah, I mean, what do you think of this one, guys?



I think that it is beautiful. I love the like, it just feels like it's nicely situated with lots of greenery and things. I'm also because we weren't able to visit there, right? I'm thinking of it in comparison with basil's and park. And it's much smaller. Which I think is interesting, too. For that comparison. It definitely has like less of the it has a lot more stature than looking to in court to compare it with longboard.



So I Yeah, it's so interesting because again, we didn't get to go visit this. I'm you know, I'm looking up all these houses as we're talking about them. And it's really interesting to go from looking at Lockington court to looking at edge caught these seem like a little bit more. You no pun intended by the book of like, what steps would have been. And so it's interesting talking about how the different adaptations are telling the story of Pride and Prejudice because I see in this one, it's a little bit more like this is very literally how much money you know what this what $5,000 A year could get you, you know, and what $2,000 could could get you for Lockington. But in the 2005 version, they're very like, contrasting, right, like you've got like, wear and tear Groombridge and then you've got glorious like you go into basil's and park and you're just like holy cow, like this is This is unreal. And so I think that like they definitely play on like the glamour, contrast and 2005 a little bit more, which is probably not as close to the book because Jay and I feel like was good at like, portraying society as you know, as it was, but also adding her own flair and whatever. But so that's interesting to note that this one is probably like, yeah, closer to maybe what another field would have been, but doesn't come across quite as what I would have pictured as


Izzy Meakin  23:06

another field. Yeah, that's awesome. Park definitely has an impact. So Busselton Park is a national tourist location if you're a national tourist member, and it's based in it's based, it's the looping is Berkshire. So I've actually visited this one as well. And this is, I think it's actually after Greece court because that's my favourite national shows after Greece call. This is my favourite national tourist location. It is really, really pricey. And I love the inside, it's all got this like pinking gold, you can actually see it in the film it kind of these pink and gold frames that go around the doorways, and it's honestly gorgeous. But on the outside, it's so light bright, and it just feels just really nice. And I think that in a sense is the vibe I get from being ugly as well like kind of airy and you know, clean and bright as opposed to I think the one used in 1995 is a bit dark in a bit dingy that time.



Definitely. And Mrs. Bennett's description mentions like a charming prospect over that gravel walk. And I think that they have like baths within Park has like a long gravel walk with, like a very nice view. And it's like this extensive field and front and I mean, I love that property as well. I just think that every room is beautiful and they've kept it so lovely there. And I mean has I think it represents also the different eras that the house was used and they kind of represent that differently in the different rooms of the house. But it definitely has that kind of more stately feel than a house I think.


Izzy Meakin  24:45

Yeah, I agree. There's definitely a big big jump there. For sure. And it is really nice, stately home and I think does quite suit Bingley. But I love what you said that it really out of both of them. This kind of matches Mrs. Bennett's description because there is a long gravel walk like it's actually quite long right from the car park to the house that you need to walk up this. Yeah. So do you guys have a preference? I think for me it's possible to park because I just love that space. Yeah, yeah. Listen.



Yeah, no, it's beautiful. It really is beautiful. But it's funny like just when you were talking about how bad Sultan Park also just matches being like I was thinking the exact same thing where I was like, Bailey's just like foetida like he just feels like kind of goofy and like bright and kind of just like, you know, just fun to be around. And so something lighter and even like you were describing the interior, like, I also noticed that what I noticed was there's like that. Almost like minty green walls with like the crown moulding. I don't know which room that's in. But that also just feels kind of like more fun and like whimsical. And that's how being me feels to me. So yeah, the character matching of that one, I


Izzy Meakin  25:57

think just does it. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So if you guys are ready, then we can move on to the next property. So the next one on the list, as a potential location for us to purchase is at the humble abode of Huntsville estates. So this is obviously where Mr. Collins lives and Lita Charlotte's when she gets married to him. So the book states about this location, the garden sloping to the road, the house standing in it, the green pails and the Laurel hedge everything that declared they were arriving, the carriage stopped at a small gate at a small gate, which led by a short gravel walk to the house. And then the interiors are described as neat and comfortable. Obviously, there's shelves in the closet, which were alterations approved by Lady Catherine and want something that Mr. Collins says about his house is our plain manner of living our small rooms and few decorations. And the little we see if the world must make Huntsville extremely dull to a young lady like yourself. But I am not going to lie to you. I am totally in love with the 1995 version, which is to directory, which is now a bed and breakfast, right? Yeah,



we stayed there. So this one we're gonna be partial to this one. Oh,


Izzy Meakin  27:11

not to tell me about because I really want to go.



It was so lovely. It was lovely.



It was so much fun. Definitely a highlight of the trip was staying here. And we watched the 9095 version Well, in bed in like Lizzie's bedroom. And we like there was like the shelves over there. So that was


Izzy Meakin  27:31

incredibly they actually have the shelves in the closet still.



They showed us immediately as we checked into the bed and breakfast like these are the Yeah, I like here are the shelves. I know there's been closet. I'm not sure 100% If it had the chance to. But anyway, you can see the drawing room where Mr. Darcy proposes for the first time. And I mean, it was pretty stunning just to like, feel like you were living in it. That's the closest we got to feel like really, we were living in it because we were able to stay in those rooms. And to like peek around the house. And it was really, really



Oh my god. Yeah, we highly recommend it. And it was the nicest the nicest people who were there and took care of us. And they had fun Jack Russell terriers that very friendly lightful and became our best friends. Very friendly, you know, came in to say hi, every morning it was


Izzy Meakin  28:25

oh my gosh, don't even and obviously the owners are clearly like heroes of genomes because they've opened up to the public and where you can actually stay there. I honestly I'm so excited. This is like on one of the top things on my list to do and I know that they take dogs as well so I can take hoggy with me. And so excited. Oh, you must do it.



That's why I'm so excited to see your house. Yes.


Izzy Meakin  28:47

I love this building as well. Honestly, I think it's absolutely stunning with all the roses that you see in the 9095 version. And I love as well that you can see the church like over the wall, because I feel like that's so so easy because he would live next to the church because obviously who works there. So yeah, I love this one so much. It's definitely one of my favourites. But in contrast, the one use for 2005 is Montagues hospital and by the hospital It sounds quite dramatic, but I think it's like a hospital like World War Two times kind of thing. And this is a private residence again, near Northampton, so please don't go you know stalking people. I think you can take a photo from the green in front but yeah, don't go knocking on the door to look around. So this one in comparison, they had to basically just like a World War Two Memorial on the green in front of the building. So they had to do the angles specifically so they wouldn't show that. Obviously that's a little bit out of the air. So yes, so again, though, I think this is really suitable for Mr. Polian. So I think both are great choices based off the book. I do just I do know have you guys seen photos? Like obviously you've seen it in the 2005 film did you did you visit it by any chance and just like stand on the green? I don't



know. Oh, we weren't able to. I also feel like it's less memorable than then hunts for the hunter to stay in the 9095 version. I don't know if it's because we get more time there. And then they've also moved the location of the proposal in that in the 2005 film, so you don't get that moment there either. So I just felt like it wasn't as it's not as memorable. And now looking at photos, I'm remembering like it. I mean, it looks very different from how I would have, like expected columns is how house to look. Yeah.



And what I remember most about in the 2005 version is when Lizzie's I just like remember, like, when they go inside, and they're by the fireplace, and she's like, and Charlotte's like, this is my own home. And she's like, you know, they're talking. And there's that long window where she goes, and she's like, the pigs escaped again. That's like what I remember. And so if we can't go inside, like I was, like, you don't see the outer exterior as much as I feel like we get to spend time in the interior. So yeah, and definitely, like now re looking at it. It doesn't look like a parish house it like it looks very, I don't know, it looks like small but Regal, which is not what I would picture for Mr. Collins, obviously guys


Izzy Meakin  31:20

like Google, I'll add all of these places were referring to into the into the bio, and it's good to look at them all. And it's really good to look at this one because it does look way different than you remember in the film, like when you see it. fronthaul Yeah,



exactly. Absolutely.


Izzy Meakin  31:32

I'm going to put it out that staying at the 9095 location, though, is such a call. And that one's base, like in the middle of the country isn't a it's kind of in between loads of different places, like not it's underneath Nottingham, but it's near Peterborough and things I think because it



Yeah, yeah, exactly. And we visited, I think there were a few locations that we were able to visit. I think the closest one was Burley house, which I think we'll talk about in a minute.


Izzy Meakin  31:58

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I think Lucia Keishon. Wise, that one's pretty, pretty close by which is cool. So the next location on the list is Rosings. Park. So obviously, Lady Catherine's home. And there's a couple of descriptions for that. I feel like as the book goes on, Jane decided to add more descriptions of locations. And when she started out, she was like, I'm just going to skip the description here. But we'll get into it. And then for Rosings park, there was a little bit more about this. So it says it was a handsome modern building well situated on rising ground. And then there's another quote that states every This is Elizabeth's perspective. Every Park has its beauty and its prospects, and Elizabeth so much to be pleased with, though she could not be in in such raptures as Mr. Collins, which I think nobody can be as enthusiastic as Mr. Collins when it comes to Rosings park, but we'll leave into so that's the book description. I don't know if you guys have any thoughts and whether or not that affects your, like what you saw when you were reading the book, based off what we get from the adaptations. Is there a difference there for you guys?



Well, the scale is so different from Belton house where they from 1995. Like it's, I would say it's similar scale to maybe a bit smaller than basil then maybe so, but also, like quite nice and a little bit more ornate. And then burly house where they filmed for the 2005 version. It's just massive, like so, so extensive, and so large and very, almost like imposing certain angles. And so I think that that kind of, I mean, I think Lexi's point earlier of they're reflecting kind of the personalities of these characters and how they're portraying them is on display here as well. So Belton house may be more like that might be more realistic to how Jane Austen described the house and then how somebody of Lady Catherine's standing might have lived. But then burly house as Rosings is just like this, like a little bit ostentatious and kind of reflects that. Like personality more than maybe more than reality.



Yeah, I definitely feel like belted house. I don't want to say it's underwhelming because it's it's gorgeous. And like the we only got to do the grounds because the house was it being cleaned. Nicole, do you remember it's normally open to the public, but it was not open like the interior was not open. I think we were just so that was a big bummer. So we didn't get to go inside but definitely we spent a lot of times on the grounds and it was like obviously a gorgeous estate but in contrast to burly you're just like that it's like a little compared to



like you remember the gardens being very beautiful and like the Yeah, the Italian gardens and English gardens like really Beautiful Belton house.


Izzy Meakin  35:02

So I was gonna ask you guys this, because I've not been to Belton house yet. But, you know, when they I don't know if you remember this scene, but Jean when they initially walk up to the house, and there's like all these I think they're called topiary, which, you know, when you like have bushes and they're shaped in a certain way. And they walked down this line is that at the front of the house? Because I can't see that when I see photos of it. It was at that at the side. Did they add that? I'm not sure.



Um, I think if I remember correctly, the facade that you see is more on the back side of the house from when you enter the property. And I don't know, does that sound right? Let's see. I'm looking at the page in the book.



That don't Yeah, no, that does sound right. Because I remember when we went there, there's the front of the house. And you're like, I don't really recognise this and then the back of the house seems a little bit more grand. Which is an interesting thing to me because I, I don't know, I've seen that other places as well, where it's like, that would be where you were like taking people on walks. And so you would have the back of the house kind of be this like grand thing. So it would seem correct to me that the back of the house is where the tow period would have been. And maybe they would have used that as the front of the house just for the filming purposes. But I'm not 100% sure about



but I do see The Topiary Yeah, and I do remember seeing those


Izzy Meakin  36:19

Okay, good because I really felt like I didn't know anything put it there for the film because I couldn't when I was looking at photos I was like I can't see where this is for ya know, that makes a lot of sense then And just so everybody knows listening. Belton house in Lincolnshire is a national trust so if you're a National Trust member, you can go I'm just gonna say like most people in the well I say most but a lot of people in the UK are including myself, just because it makes it so much more cost effective and if you aren't but you want to visit these locations I really recommend getting a national just car because it does cut the cost down massively. So just putting it out there. I'm not being paid by national



we even did that on our trip. And we were just there for two weeks because it does just make so much sense financially.


Izzy Meakin  37:03

So that claim no, I'm glad you said that as well. But yeah, absolutely. I think it does makes it make a massive difference, especially if you are under 25 as well because you can get a discounted card so it's awesome. It's really cool. So yeah, that was built in house and then barely house and gardens I also haven't explored this one with this as the 2005 one in Peterborough well just so everybody knows you can do a 360 tour online for free. So if you live really far away or you know you're based in the US you can actually have a look online at some of the rooms and things which is really cool. And I love that when they when new locations do that. So I think what's really funny about this one though, is obviously Elizabeth describes Rosings is Rosings is modern and this building definitely wouldn't have be modern at the time because it's really off but for me I'm like I feel like for the 2005 ones they have got to keep up in it because you know never field is so grand. It's like you've got to go up for someone like Lady Catherine and I think Bailey House and Gardens is more how I envisioned Lady Catherine live in in fact when I think about how I would see it in the book, I even went as far as thinking of like Hi Claire castle I don't know if you've seen pictures about like what they used for Downton Abbey



oh yes been there? Yeah,


Izzy Meakin  38:20

I think this one's gonna hold on I'm really excited to visit because it just makes me think about like Mr. Collins like bragging about like the windows and like the chimney and everything



Yeah, yeah, this was actually one of my favourite places we went like I was just I loved it and it like I still remember this has not shown in the movie but like specifically the kitchen like the underground like not underground but like the the servants kitchen I guess that's what it would have been anyway like no matter what it's always the servants kitchen because that's where the food was made was by the servants but just like high ceilings, like if I recall like stone walls but like the most gorgeous copper cookware and like moose heads like it was was it a hunting lodge? Kind of Was there something about hunting there Nicole? Do you remember? Because I I feel like I remember there being a lot of taxidermied regal sounds very


Izzy Meakin  39:15

very British Daily sounds



I'm sure there was some part of its history was that at one point so but yeah, it definitely I recommend going it was it was like so it it was cool to go because I actually did feel like was your Mr. Collins for I was just like, God, what is this? Yeah, like you're just Yes. Like your eyes are just like so wide and when Mr. Collins and I don't remember what he's referring to but he's like that was 20,000 It was on the window I believe it that the glazing on the Windows Yeah, and I'm like yeah, prod probably


Izzy Meakin  39:51

actually crazy. So so funny. I'll assign isn't a room that they sit in like when they go in see, Lady Catherine you who's obviously James G G dash in the in the film? Is that called the heaven room?



Yeah the heavens Yes.



So there's like the heaven room and then is there the hell room? Yeah.



Or the staircase or something but they have this contrasting like, yes. Or Nate paintings of Yeah. Either the whole room or the whole staircase or something. Oh


Izzy Meakin  40:22

my gosh, this is a hell staircase go down or up


Izzy Meakin  40:33

oh my gosh, that's funny. Yeah. When I saw that online, it was like, What a weird it feels very William Blake to me like this was like contrast or, you know, religious symbol.



It was, I think that's part of what I loved about it too, though, was like, just so I love storytelling in general, like as an illustrator, obviously, like, I think all of us here probably love storytelling, because literature. But I'm always fascinated when you you see storytelling in different ways than you normally think of them. So to think that like the architect, or like the people working on his house, made a narrative and I don't know necessarily what they were trying to say with making these rooms called that. But it was just so fascinating to me to like, go in and like you know, you're you have different sections of the house that kind of like are bringing you through different parts of this narrative of light for whatever. So that was just really cool to experience in a house. And then I think it just yeah, it works really well for me for as Rosings Park.


Izzy Meakin  41:36

Yeah, I agree. What Yeah, I definitely like this one as well, as is the depiction of Rosings for sure. Shall we move on to the final, final location. This is an exciting one, guys. Yay, we finally get everybody sticking around for this one. We finally get to the last location on the list is, of course Pemberley. So like I was saying, As Jane goes on, she obviously adds more description. And that's very much true for this part with humbly so basically, the description of Pemberley is at the start of volume three as well so you can easily find it in whichever copies that you have. And there's both exterior and interior descriptions. So the exterior description part of it goes and the park is very large and contained great variety of ground, and also Pemberly house situated on the opposite side of a valley into which the road with some abruptness wound. It was a large handsome stone building standing well on rising ground and backed by a ridge of high woody hills and in front of and in front a stream of some natural importance was swelled into Greta. So very impressive sounds it and then the interior is described as the rooms will lofty and handsome and their furniture suitable to the fortune of their proper attire. Sound right proper attire proprietor price it that's it oh my god


Izzy Meakin  43:04

Elizabeth saw with some admiration of his taste tray it was neither gaudy nor uselessly fine with less of splendour and more real elegance than the furniture of Rosings little bit digger Lady Catherine they're not got much taste the 9095 version of Pemberley is lying Park which is a national trust again guys so definitely want to go visit if you get your card and this is actually based in Stockport Cheshire. So this is basically where I grew up. So I didn't grow up in Stockholm. I grew up in Cheshire. So this is one that I visited very regularly. I've been there many a time. And I love it because it's like a nostalgia like reason like because I visited so much when I was younger. But what did you guys think of lying part when you visited?



Oh my gosh, it was so fun.



And revisiting that description from the book. Like it's so accurate to how long gone? Yeah. I think it's like the perfect Pemberly. And there's like a I mean, there's a kind of not controversy is not the right word. But the reason that they chose it over Chatsworth because it was in discussions. Chatsworth was in discussions to be used for the 1995 is that she meant she mentioned Chatsworth in the book. So it can't be the same place right? So that's what I find really interesting too. Feels like this. It feels like an accurate location. And it is just so beautiful. There's nothing quite like that. Like striking like what she sees as she comes around and she sees Pemberley that's it I feel like I felt that when we came around the house and we saw glenpark


Izzy Meakin  44:46

Absolutely. And I loved that fact that you added in the travel guide about the fact that they went against her because she mentioned chat. So I was like, Oh, this is such cool information. And obviously guys, this is another great thing about the travel guide this fact that you don't To know about and it's just so fun to learn about some of the kind of nuanced parts of this filming choices and locations and everything. So let's see your thoughts online Park.



Yeah, I also loved it. I was I was kind of surprised again, like, you guys know by now I'm partial to the 2005 version. So when we went to Line Park, I was kind of like preparing to just like be like, whatever, you know, but it was, it was stunning. Amazing. You go up over the hill, the gardens were just lovely. And my absolute favourite part, I love dress up, you get to dress up, you can go in and they say would you like to dress up today. And there is a changing room where you can change into Regency clothes. And you know, you even like carrying around a little like, crocheted like, Sash it for your phone or whatever like to that to that extent. And you go around and the National Trust workers will call you, Lizzie. And that was just my dream. So I recommend getting a National Trust card just to go visit. But yes, going back to like, does it match the description totally matches the description. The Pons obviously is so romantic and wonderful. And you just feel like Mr. Darcy is gonna come up out of the water. And it's just like, delightful. So, yeah, I'm a big fan.


Izzy Meakin  46:18

Yeah, what I love about Lompoc as well is they they really lean into that Jane Austen connection because sometimes they have like massive, like displays on there like Jane Austen things. I swear to God and they have like a massive Mr. Darcy coming out of the lake at one point.



Yes, they did. I didn't see it in person. But I think I saw



I also saw somebody made a life size cake of Mr. Darcy I saw in that scene. Yeah. It's pretty wild.


Izzy Meakin  46:46

Oh my gosh, no. Honestly, I saw that was like, Oh my goodness. I've never seen a cake like this before. It's just insane. I mean, the clay I live in so frightening. Yeah, a little bit frightening for sure. I think it would have been frightening to see them at the Mr. Dorsey strategy coming out of the lay like he went if you went to expect it in this giant statue of calling fucked up, like emerging from the late, my gosh,



heartstopping for sure



reflects the cultural moment that in time that that was I mean, it was the year I was born. So not that it came out. But I mean, I've heard tales of Yeah, it's like


Izzy Meakin  47:24

Pinnacle moments, that wet shirt



written for the female gaze? Yes.


Izzy Meakin  47:31

Well, I love about this one, as well as there's a lot of the outside that you see in the 1995 version. So obviously, when he's like quickly trying to get dressed, running down the steps, you can see that when Lizzie and the gardener's go in with their carriage is there like enter in you can see that area. So I think what's really good about Lane Park is you can really, there's so many areas that are really iconic in the 1995 version that you can actually go and take photos of and stand by and everything. So that's what I really like about this one. Absolutely. But something interesting that I found out so you would need three times Mr. Darcy's income to actually have lived in line park at the time, which I thought was super, super interesting, I think is going to be even more interesting when we come on to the next one. So it's actually likely that Mr. Darcy wouldn't have lived in a state this big. And also just in case you're wondering when you visit in sideline Park, it wasn't used for the interior of the film. So basically, management had to change things up they were going to use the interiors and they had to change things up last minute and they ended up using Sudbury Hall which is also well that's in Derbyshire I believe so it's it's close you know Cheshire Derbyshire they border so you can probably definitely go and see both but I'd say for outside like exterior blind parks on the best I think for seen a lots of angles of the of the TV show, we'll move on to probably the ground grandest estate on this list. And that is Chatsworth house. So Chatsworth houses used for the 2005 version. and, I mean, again, this is one that I visited a lot growing up because it was it was close by and what I love about this is it's actually in Derbyshire. So you know, in terms of like location, it's pretty, pretty bang gone. And yeah, thoughts on Chatsworth house? I mean, this is like a, this completely blows your mind when you see it, doesn't it?



Yes, yeah. Yes. It's funny. So, so gilded objects in that house? Yes.



Which doesn't quite match the description of not gaudy that Elizabeth says. But oh, I just love Chatsworth. I feel like that's the only one on the list that I've been to multiple times. And I mean, I think you can't get tired of it. It's so gorgeous and so beautiful. And there's so much to see on the grounds as well, like they're very extensive. And I think that, I mean, it's hard to say that it's like a perfect representation of Pemberley again because it's just so massive. And but, I mean, it represents that wealth and that different status that he held and the kind of I mean, the gawking that she does as well like, okay, I guess this is what I was giving up when I said no.


Izzy Meakin  50:15

Yeah has the wow factor, right? Like, would you feel distraught? is distraught like it? This is going to, like, smack you in the face like, oh my gosh, this is. This is incredible kind of thing. So yeah, I totally get that.



Yeah. Yeah, I think one of my favourite parts about Chatsworth. Well, the interior is amazing. But it's got that long. What would you call that? Was that a pond? In the movie when they're when she's like, when they're like Mrs. Darcy, and they're like kissing and it's like, the lights are all reflected in that, like, long, I'm going to call it


Izzy Meakin  50:47

like, yeah, it's okay.



Yeah, yeah, that's a good way to describe it. I'm like, it's very like, shaped. So it doesn't, it doesn't feel like a natural lake. But anyway, so being out on the grounds and going to the end of that, and then like, looking up at the house, you're just like, fainting. It's just incredible. And how we got to see it in the summer with the algae and the nature and that combination, just like


Izzy Meakin  51:15

know, for sure. And I tell you when I was little, we used to go and you know that the water that runs down those steps, I don't know if you went to this area of the garden, but there's like these loads and loads of steps and they have a running down. So when we were little, we used to go and we'd play like friends and siblings and we'd all play in that. I don't know if they still let you in. So if you go in, like wanting to be able to take your shoes off and go in this thing, I don't know if you still can, but when when I was younger, you could you could have you could play in there and people used to take swimming costumes and all sorts it was like, it was like a thing. Ya know, so that was really cool. And also, when I went when I was younger, they actually still had the the Matthew McFadden bust in the gallery room as opposed because I think they moved it to the the Gift



Gallery room. Yes. In a gift shop. Yeah.


Izzy Meakin  52:03

Yeah. So they still had it in the gallery room at the time. So that was really cool. Yeah, it was kind of like the the full experience like feeling like it was you like seeing it. I don't know why they moved it. Some people speculate it's because they kind of got a little bit sick, like the Jane Austen fever, and people are getting so much they moved it to the to the gift, the gift shop, but you can still see it guys. You can go and visit it. And I think that's such a cool thing to say. And but anyway, the statute gallery room is incredible. Anyway, so even without the Boston it's a really beautiful room, right?



Oh, gorgeous. That was another thing that I was gonna say about the interior is that it's such a unique room, because, you know, we went to a lot of houses and you don't get a lot of houses that have a sculpture garden inside, like that is so just wild. And so it's just and you're in there, and it's just really like light and you've you know, just these beautiful sculptures and that was I felt like Lizzie walking through there just enamoured



and then music the score over that scene. It's just like, just permanently imprinted on my brain when I think of those memories.


Izzy Meakin  53:09

Cool, and also they use Chatsworth house for death comes to Pemberley I don't know if you guys have seen that. It was like a everyone close. But I think it was like another book that somebody wrote. And then they added they adapted it. And I think it came out in Christmas. It's one year or something. It was either BBC or ITV or something. It was called Netflix family and they use Pemberley they use charts of houses Pemberley and that one as well. So I think the good thing about this one is if you think about Bingley being on, like 5000 a year and you think Mr. Darcy is on 10 I feel like this shows like double the house. So that's the thing that I like about Chatsworth is he's got that double it's got more of an impact, I think. So I think in that sense, it kind of works. Yeah,



I love that in the 2005 version, like just after discussing this it definitely feels like it's almost like they started with longboard and they're like, Okay, and then they're like, Okay, we gotta get something better and like the whole filming process they're like, how can we keep talking you know like finally they're at chapter


Izzy Meakin  54:02

thank God there's not another one to go shoot



Yeah, we're like we don't know what to do from here on so


Izzy Meakin  54:09

but that was every location on the list so it's time to decide guys what locations you would pick where you would want to live if you could buy any property. So I do know he wants to go first.



This is a hard especially after discussing it you know discussing them all and like looking at the the pros and the cons and what what I guess is



very different Yeah, I think that I would choose basil than Park as another field because I think that I even though I like love Chatsworth in line Park. This like the scale of it seems very daunting, but I would not want to have to do and either even basil's in practice also quite large and stay At least I think that it feels a little slightly more homey, and but still with that scale of kind of grandeur and all of the perks that come along with so that's what I'm going with I might you know, second guess that decision.


Izzy Meakin  55:17

Okay, Nicole, I'm putting down that's it signed, sealed. That's the one you



10 million 20 million pounds. I'll let you



lately, Lexi your pick, okay? I feel like the Ducati the dichotomy of myself is coming out because they're part of me is like, Groombridge place because I love just how it i has the cottage in the woods vibe, but it's also still very like grants at the same time. So I love that kind of like, we're kind of far removed, and it's a little bit smaller and less intimidating. But then there's that other part of me that just is obsessed with Burly. And like, I would like to live there. I don't want to clean it. I don't want to have to clean all those rooms. But if I had help, you know, maybe then I would live there.


Izzy Meakin  56:20

Oh my gosh, I love it. I love it. So my choice would be I think my choice would probably be the 1995 Mr. Collins rectory. So teal rectory, I think would have to be my choice. I just love the roses at the side. And it's so cosy and little village vibes. I think that would have to be my choice. And if I was going for grandeur, I think I'd love to go all the way and just be like Chatsworth house. But yeah,



I think living directory. There's also just just on that note, we went to a really yummy pub by tape tailed rectory. So that's a good place to live if you want good food, and also, you know, more country


Izzy Meakin  57:06

tag so that in the travel guide as well, it's like Michelin star right.



Yeah, I think it's unfortunate.



We did not know that. We were just hungry



for management since then. But


Izzy Meakin  57:18

I say might not be mentioned star anymore, but still might be nearby. Yeah. Just in case. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's amazing. Oh, my gosh, that was like so much fun, though. And I do have a couple more questions for you more based on your travel guide, which just a reminder, everyone is called Jane with hair. So one of the questions that I had for you, what parts of the book was your favourite to create?



What a good question. I'll, I'll answer quickly. I loved Well, it's really hard because I think like what I loved about the experience of creating the book was going on site and like doing colour studies, or sketching or making just mental notes. And really like immersing myself in the place is just such an enjoyable part of the process. And part of that was I took pictures I think of like every single dog I saw, which was kind of fun because it became over the two weeks it kind of became this like, how, how obvious can I be without getting yelled at by taking pictures of like people's dogs to like? Not Not that I was trying to be obvious, but like sometimes I was like that dog I have to have colds remember? Stringent like I remember when you were so if you read this book? Yeah, no call. It's like yeah, so that was that was a fun part for me. But


Izzy Meakin  58:41

I love that that's the page as well. Like I think I'm gonna do a book jump from the dog page to hoggy who's my dog because



I would love that would love it. Nicola was



my favourite part of the book to create was probably the locations that were biographical to Jane Austen, especially chatan. And just like both reading about her life there to do the research and write it but also just visiting there made her feel so real to me. And I think that that was really special. So any anything to do with the places where she lived or went but especially chatan and, and Winchester as well, such a lovely place, but yeah, those are that was my favourite part of the experience. I think


Izzy Meakin  59:28

Winchester is absolutely stunning. I've seen a couple of times now. And obviously I did my book jumps there and yeah, I also had this quite close to write in and I didn't even realise till I read you read your book, like the links to read in so I even went to read it and you know, did some bits there as well. So, yeah, that was really cool. I have another question. And I think you kind of answered this as we're walking through but which was your favourite place to visit?



I'm sure it's very challenged. trying to pick though. I think that I think Lyme Park probably is close to the top of that list. But there's so many others and I think that of the house is Lyme park, but of the more like, landscape type locations stauer ahead. Um, just is so beautiful. And it's such like iconic imagery from that 2005 movie. So, yeah, those are some of the top but I mean, I couldn't really tell you that most of these


Izzy Meakin  1:00:31

places are my favourite.



Yeah, it's really hard to choose because I feel like also, I don't know you're just a different person everywhere you go, like new sides of yourself come out really get really existentialist, Jane Austen here. But I really loved going. We went to Heartland key which was the filming location for it was in what year was it sent to those abilities? Yeah, she doesn't eat and that's like their their cottage that they moved to that's like where it was filmed the seaside cottage, and it was just beautiful. It was like a windy day. And it was just like the stormy sea like crashing on the cliffs. And it just really, I loved it. It just felt like being on the edge of the universe. And it was just like, who just really touched touched my soul there. Um, and I also just loved that on this trip. We're seeing a lot of houses. But also we got to see like this was a more nature part like it was a hike. Kind of I mean, it was like a leisurely walk. But it was a hike ish walk. So that was a fun way to break up. I think the estates. Yeah. And then just kind of like experiencing the nature also that Jane Austen would have experienced on her travels to like lime or visiting. See? So?


Izzy Meakin  1:01:57

Yeah, absolutely. I think that's a good point to make as well is this travel guide isn't Pride and Prejudice specific even though this podcast episode was? So the travel guide covers obviously, as Nicole was saying, Jane Austen's life locations that she lived in, visited, but then also the locations of other films and adaptations. So sensibility is in there is a feature like Anna's in there as well. Right? I think you've pretty much got some from all of them. So it's not just Pride and Prejudice specific, you can visit all of these places. And I mean, that's the great thing about is there's there's so many options of places to visit. But I think that's everything from us today. Thank you so much for coming on. I've honestly had such a wonderful time with you. Do you want to just say a little bit about where people can find you and anything else you want to say about your travel guide?



Sure. We post updates on our Instagram at Jane Austen was here. And you can find any of Lexi's art and work at her website. Lexi Kay nelson.com. Right.



Yes. You're wonderful. You're doing great. And yeah, I'd love to hear from you. Yeah, when you can find our book. I think usually we send people to book shop.org Is that correct? Nicole?



Um, yes. But you can find it wherever books are sold, and wherever you act your local bookseller to see if they have it in stock. And


Izzy Meakin  1:03:17

absolutely, I've definitely found it in some smaller book shops. I think I sent you guys a photo at once where I found it in like a really tiny bookshop and like Oxford one, so it was like it's here.



It makes us so happy. Thank you. Yeah,


Izzy Meakin  1:03:31

exactly. It's so great. And if you can help local businesses, that's amazing. So that's everything from us today, and we will see you in another episode.



Thank you. Thank you.

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